Biden: VP Pick

Tyler (Posted on Aug 11, 2020)

Joe Biden has been teasing the left and right along the entire summer of 2020 with his choice for VP candidate. Many people, like myself, believe that he's not actually doing the choosing. Biden's rar … read more

Schiff: Distracted By Hatred

Tyler (Posted on Feb 28, 2020)

Adam Schiff, U.S. Representative for California's 28th congressional district since 2013, has been so mesmerized with trying to take down President Trump over the last four years. So distracted … read more

Paris Agreement: Why Does Trump Want Out?

Tyler (Posted on Feb 27, 2020)

The Paris Agreement is a contract consisting of more than 190 countries that are committed to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Donald Trump notified that the United States planned … read more

Will The Real Bloomberg Please Stand Up

Tyler (Posted on Feb 26, 2020)

We've now seen Michael Bloomberg in two Democratic debates and they are a drastic difference from what the Bloomberg advertisements are showing. Elizabeth Warren has directly attacked Bloomberg … read more