Schiff: Distracted By Hatred

Tyler (Posted on Feb 28, 2020)

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Adam Schiff, U.S. Representative for California's 28th congressional district since 2013, has been so mesmerized with trying to take down President Trump over the last four years. So distracted that he hasn't done much of anything to help his own district.

California, which accounts for over 50% of the nation's homeless, has an overwhelming tent village population. If you happen to be visiting Schiff's 28th district, you'll see hordes of tents throughout the streets. Over the last few years, Schiff has explained that he's too busy trying to save the country from Donald Trump. But seriously? You can't even save your own district. 

This seems to be the regular scene in California because these same politicians get re-elected term after term. Maxine Waters has been found to be one of the dirtiest politicians, she never does anything for her own district (in fact, her California home is outside of her district) and yet she still gets re-elected. There has been a lot of talk that this will be her last term as the black population is ready to Walk Away from the Democratic Party. 

But it seems with Schiff, he appears to be some sort of hero to the left. Much like anyone who says anything negative about Trump, they are regarded as political royalty by the liberals. Even Republicans like McCain and Romney, although when they ran against Obama they were labeled as bigots, racists, sexist... and the list goes on. But now they are revered as Trump haters so... you know that saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" seems to be the motto of the Democrats at this point.

Anyway, Adam Schiff needs to stop trying to set Trump up and start taking care of his own problems. He was elected to serve his district, not run Kangaroo Courts.

Adam Schiff Distracted by his hatred of Trump

Last Modified: 28th Feb 2020