Warren: Move Border Funds to CoronaVirus Awareness

Tyler (Posted on Feb 28, 2020)

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As usual, politicians have politicized the pandemic and spread of the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) in the media. Many Democrat Leaders such as Pelosi, Schumer and Warren have had press conferences attempting to use this current issue as a way to attack President Trump.

The irony is that when Trump responded to the Democrat comments and attacks, they quickly said that we should all be focused on the solution, not name calling. Hilarious. In a time when we should all be focusing on the health of the people, not partisan opinions, some democrats have really disappointed when it came to being leaders. Elizabeth Warren has even gone so far as to call for funds from Border Protection to be moved to address the CoronaVirus. 

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but Border Protections and Customs were created to make sure disease doesn't enter the country... right? It's the whole reason certain fruits and vegetables can't come and go from different countries. They use proper steps to quarantine (known) sick people to stop further spread of the contaminates. 

How about this... we take all the money that is being used for political advertisements, presidential debates and of course campaign contributions and we'll put that towards the awareness of CoronaVirus. Sounds good to me.

Warren defund the border wall

Last Modified: 28th Feb 2020