Replacing Unvaccinated Health Care Workers?

Replacing Unvaccinated Health Care Workers?


I'm sure you've read or heard news that some states are mandating that all health care workers be fully vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has gone so far as to sign an executive order to push the mandate in her state.

So let's get this straight... these brave men and women were first responders were national heroes last year. Now, this pandemic is still so serious a threat that everyone must be vaccinated. Yet at the same time, this pandemic must not be a serious threat because firing and losing (roughly) 70,000 health care workers is okay? Seriously, Gov. Hochul... pick a lane!

 So the State of New York is about to, or will, lose 70,000 nurses, doctors and other health care workers because they aren't vaccinated or refuse to get the vaccination. Those fired workers will be replaced by the Army National Guard of New York.

So here's the twist. Apparently the National Guard is not pushing the vaccine mandate on it's soldiers until the summer of 2022. So potentially, an unvaccinated doctor or nurse will be replaced by an unvaccinated soldier with health care training. I'm in no way attempting to undermine the training or skills of the soldiers, just bringing to light that many of these doctors and nurses have been working with the same patients for years. I wouldn't want my cardiologist replaced by anyone, even another outstanding cardiologist because my doctor knows me and my history.

In the end, is this whole thing about control or fear? The message seems to be, "Just do as we say or we'll end your career and then you won't have health insurance so if you get sick you won't be able to see a doctor.... but we're only doing this because we care about you." Right?

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