Liberal Tears Bumper Sticker + Magnet Set


Product Description

Show your conservative support and take a little poke at those overly sensitive snowflakes with our Liberal Tears Magnet!

This huge 6 x 6 inch flexible magnet satirically shows a liberal soul, crying and throwing a fit, with a safety pin perfectly placed in her ridiculous pussy hat. It’ll fit perfectly on your car, refrigerator or most magnetic surfaces!

Not only is this fun and satirical magnet weatherproof, it's made of a newer material that makes the magnet thinner but stronger than magnets of yesterday. When we say stronger, we're talking 84 lbs of pull per square foot, it'll definitely hold a few pieces of paper on your fridge or magnetic eraser board.

So stick one on the back or side of your car, toss one on your work/school locker or even on a magnetic kitchen appliance. Let those liberals know that you don't believe in safe spaces and that you'd love to drink their liberal tears!

Includes a 3 x 3 inch matching weatherproof sticker!

Artist copyrighted graphic by Tyler Jones.

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