XL Liberal Tears Mug


Product Description

Our Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug satirically shows a sad little liberal soul, crying and throwing a fit, with a safety pin perfectly placed in her protest kitty pink pussy cat hat.

Made of stoneware, the coffee mug holds 15 oz of coffee, tea or steaming hot liberal tears. It’s smooth, molded, glossy exterior has a nice, large and easy comfort grip handle. It's not one of those silly one or two finger handles, you can get your whole hand through there!

Our mug is a welcoming gift to any Donald Trump supporting Hillary Clinton For Prison kinda woman that can tell the help at a hardware store, "No thank you, I've got this." We're also pretty sure this is the mug that John Wayne's wife would have drank coffee from while she chopped wood with her other arm.

It may not be proven by science but the backbones of conservatives typically grow stronger when they see or hear a snowflake liberal crying injustice in America. Every time some privileged little snot living in the greatest country in the world complains about how their candidate lost the election and they just can’t take the reality of life... Just take a sip of coffee, nod in their direction, hold up your Liberal Tears Mug and ask, "That's cute, didn't you say you were leaving the country?" because I can help you pack?

So all you other powerful women in and or out of the home, make the decision to use this mug on your own and not because someone told you to! Continue to speak and think for yourselves!

Measures 4.5 inches tall 3.25 inch diameter. Made of ceramic stoneware. Logo is printed on both sides for ultimate triggering opportunities. Hand wash is recommended or top rack of dishwasher. Packaged in a crush-resistant gift box.

FISA warrant not included. 

Artist copyrighted graphic. 

Other Details

Artist copyrighted design.

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