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Liberal Tears Ceramic Travel Mug

Liberal Tears Ceramic Travel Mug

Liberal Tears

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  • Double Wall Ceramic Cup Holds 11oz
  • Enjoy Liberal Tears In The Morning
  • 100% NOT Approved by Liberals
  • Silicone lid to keep evaporating tears in place
  • Great conversation starter!

Our double wall Liberal Tears Ceramic Travel Mug is a great way to enjoy your beverage of choice when you're on the move! This beautiful mug holds 11 oz of steaming hot liberal tears and includes a silicone lid that keeps it all in the mug. Fits cleanly into standard cup holders for easy drinking while you're driving.

WARNING: Can Be Triggering To Unstable Liberals! Let those liberals know that you don’t believe in safe spaces and that you’d love to drink their liberal tears!

Artist copyrighted graphic by Tyler Jones
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