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Liberal Tears Stickers (Set of 3)

Liberal Tears Stickers (Set of 3)

Liberal Tears

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  • SET OF 3 Liberal Tears Weather-Proof Decals!
  • Funny Parody
  • 100% NOT Approved by Democrats
  • 100% Made in America!
  • Guaranteed to Make Leftist Liberal Snowflakes Melt

SET OF 3 Liberal Tears Stickers! Salty Tears are flowing again! Each sticker measures 3 INCHES in diameter made of HIGH QUALITY WEATHERPROOF (Made in the USA) VINYL 100%

Take a little poke at those overly sensitive snowflakes with our Liberal Tears Stickers! Our awesome 3” x 3” vinyl weatherproof stickers show a sad liberal, crying and throwing a fit, with a safety pin perfectly placed in her ridiculous protest hat.

A great dialogue starter for any occasion where everyone gets a laugh. Well, most everyone. We've noticed that most liberals that aren't leaning too hard to the left love this design and can recognize the humor. There will always be a few that will want to engage in debate... but we say, bring it on!

These stickers fit perfectly on your car, refrigerator, travel mug, window, laptop or non safe space surface! So stick one on the back or side of your car, toss one on your work/school locker or even on a protester.

These stickers look fantastic on a coffee machine, flask or a large thermos, wink wink!

Let those liberals know that you don’t believe in safe spaces and that you’d love to drink those liberal tears! WARNING: Can Be Triggering.

Artist copyrighted graphic by Tyler Jones.

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